“Perhaps the most startling thing this film accomplishes is presenting a depiction of Jesus that we don't see most artists attempt very often: a human one. Here he feels just far enough removed and distant to put us off our guard, and yet he is distinctly relatable and intriguing. We like him, and we are drawn to him, even before it becomes clear who he is. And the way in which he seeks after our protagonist is original, intriguing, and uplifting.

Here we have a story of redemption and grace, presented with a clearly flawed woman living in sin. And yet, while acknowledging this, the film does not judge her, but sees her humanity. The version of Jesus presented here does just that as well. His demeanor and the way he regards her is warm and kind, loving but not sexual - an incredibly difficult balance to pull off that requires delicate writing and a masterful control of tone and direction of performances. This last part is also impressive considering the character's implied nature as a sex worker. In the end, the film achieves something powerful and moving - showing what Jesus' love looks like in a real, profound, redemptive way.”

-Kingdom Collectives Film Festival Jury