Interview | Tanya muir | We Are Moving Stories: Cannes Short Film Corner

Carmela: How do personal and universal themes work in your film?

Tanya: It’s the heart and soul of it.  Personal because I drew from my own experiences to create the protagonist, which was not the easiest thing to do.  Universal because it deals with the human soul and Divine Love.

Carmela: How have the script and film evolved over the course of their development?

Tanya: Attempting to portray a human Jesus isn’t something I took lightly.  I had to be very delicate with writing for Him so there was a lot of back and forth, constant referencing to the scriptures and prayer.  In fact when it came to writing His character I wouldn’t touch the script unless there was a moment of clarity, out of respect.  Those moments were incredible and it made writing the script deeply satisfying.  Creating a character centered around events that happened in my life was also challenging to say the least but I was able to create an inner world for her that made her feel distant enough.

Carmela: What type of feedback have you received so far?

Tanya: I’ve been encouraged by it.  Several people here in Cannes and back home have different interpretations of the film, which is the best reaction to me.  Male, female, young, old…everyone is able to take something different from it.  Some people connect more to the protagonist and her sadness, even men!  Others love Jesus’ character even before realizing who he is, they recognize a special chemistry between Him and Mariah. It’s the universal need for love that everyone has connected with. For some they see it as romantic, others, the need to love yourself but for most it’s about redemption and the love of God.

Carmela: Has the feedback surprised or challenged your point of view?

Tanya: I would say I’m pleasantly surprised. Since this was my first film, I didn’t know what to expect.  It’s such an odd thing to watch people watch your film, especially one so personal.  I’m glad that people are getting something positive from it.

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