Tanya Muir, "Mariah", is a multi-passionate, award-winning actor and filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NY. She is the writer and director of Crimson Love and founder of LOJ Films.

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Sean Borderes, "Jessie", is a multiple award winning actor and hails from Argentina. He is also a recent alumni of the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute.  He currently resides in New York City, working in theatre and film.    He recently starred off-Broadway in the psychological thriller, "The Black Book" and has two films coming out in 2016/2017: "The Trial of Everett Mann" and "Mr. Riley". 



Anthony Bisciello, who plays "Jason" is an actor living in New York. He portrayed Joseph Profaci in the AMC show, The Making of the Mob. He has a role in the upcoming film Roxanne, Roxanne with is produced by Forest Whitaker, and Pharrell Williams. Anthony has appeared in various Indie films and shows. He got his start on stage in community theater.